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About us


We are Adrian and Bridget Barnett and make up the sound of doXa.

We are a team that work together as a conduit for the Lord and are unashamedly passionate about doing so. It's not about who we are, but Whose we are. Our dream is to release our unique sound; to see others meet face to face in intimacy with their Creator in turn, bringing heaven to earth to fulfil our heavenly Dad's dream of divine family restored.

We are on a journey...will you come along with us?

Adrian and Bridget live at Elaine Bay, New Zealand, surrounded by untamed wildness and beauty. They are doing life with a community of amazing people within the Hub Network of NZ. Aside from learning more of how to be loved well by their heavenly Dad, their greatest joy is watching their four adult children discover who they are in themselves and in God.

Our vision: partnering with you

Our vision is to join with other worshippers throughout the nation and nations to strengthen, encourage and release the sound of heaven on earth from within.   We would love to join with you in worship to bring release into the atmosphere within your community/town/city. 

for more info or to organise an event with us get in touch below



Chord charts

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